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  1. Looking forward to this weekend's father son hunt

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    My father who is going to be 70 is on a dry spell and I'm pretty sure I have him set up at a good spot on public land. The guy has 2 replaced knees and a couple of rods for a spine and nothing is gonna stop him. We are gonna hunt Fri, Sat and Mon. Sunday is my son's 4th bday.. we will be smoking...
  2. Ice fishing guides in jersey???

    I was just wondering if anybody guides ice fishing.
  3. Winter bow! advice?

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    Ok so I did not see a single deer today. I have been laying some apples and corn out in one of my spots that I have always seemed to get a lot of trail cam pics of deer at. I had it out for about 2 weeks and got 600 plus pics, about 400 being deer. Many different does and the same 2 bucks. I...
  4. Layering for the winter bow

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm a first season hunter so I was looking for some advice to save myself time and money. What do you guys use for your layers when going out in the colder months to bow hunt? I use a climber if that makes any difference. I have under armor and it doesn't seem to be...