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  1. Deer Action
    This last weekend, I went out to hunt for the first time, and a few hours in a buck walked right towards me. It turned broadside so I quickly fired my 30-30, and it jumped and kind of just walked away. It slowly began to sway, and when it collapsed I thought it was dead and that I nailed it...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Its been awhile since I have been to the site. A new job a few years ago has pretty much taken most of my time away from being in the woods. As things have fallen into place, the itch has really started to get to me. I just recently got back from a whitetail hunt in Ohio with some friends...
  3. Classifieds (Free)
    WTS Bear Whitetail Master. 30 in draw length. $50 picked up in Rockaway- Great for Christmas present for someone who is just starting out, or a spare one to have around.
  4. General Comments & Information
    NJ Buck Makes Scrape
  5. General Comments & Information
    Like The Vid, and Subscribe to Us on Youtube!!!
  6. General Comments & Information
    2014 hunting season for ultimate nj outdoorsmen crew.Check it out and like and subscribe.
  7. General Comments & Information
    Hey Everyone... Just looking to get a feel if anyone utilizes Turkey Swamp down in Freehold (Public) for whitetail bow... Thanks!
  8. Deer Zone 27
    Hunted the past three days and deer activity was to zero! I am blaming most on the wind, warmer weather and the full moon at night. Hopefully this afternoon things will pick up. I am hunting just south of woodstown in Alloway Township. There was a ton of activity last week though. How are...
1-8 of 10 Results