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  1. Turkey Action
    Hey guys. Pretty new to turkey hunting. I will be hitting Wharton next week. I did some scouting and so fourth but any tips that could help land me a gobbler? Thanks everyone. Stay safe and good luck out there.
  2. General Comments & Information
    Hey Guys. I am pretty new to the Wharton State Forest and I have a turkey permit for next week. Are you allowed to access the dirt roads and park within the forest while you are hunting. If so do you need a permit for parking because it is a state forest. If anyone could help me out that would...
  3. Deer Zone 19
    Hello, I am new to hunting and nobody in my family hunts. I was just looking for some tips. I love close to zone 19 and was thinking about hunting either Medford WMA or parts of Wharton. I'm not looking to take anyone's spots or anything like that. By the way I am a larger guy and will be using...
1-3 of 3 Results