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  1. Colliers Mills

    South Zone
    Hello, Looking to hunt Canadas in Colliers Mills. Anyone have any experience back there? Any advice?
  2. Canada Geese

    South Zone
    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this board and a third year hunter. I become more and more addicted by the year. I have hunted deer and geese and may try turkey. I have scouted out a deer spot and currently am trying some deer management techniques-feeding/minerals and overall just learning...
  3. Goose season, where are you?

    North Zone
    Anyone seeing any geese. It's been dead near me. When is the cold weather coming? What have you guys been seeing?
  4. snow cover for cabelas nothern flight ultimate layout blind

    I'm looking for a snow cover for my layout blind. cabelas discontinued that snow cover. I was looking at a thread on another site and someone said that a avery ground force snow cover would work. ive been looking for a snow cover forever. can someone steer me in the right direction.
  5. Anyone ever hunt waterfowl on small water?

    Does anyone have experience in hunting waterfowl on small creeks or freshwater marshes? I have read some articles about small water waterfowl hunting but, there are only a few. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Any large Public lakes for Duck hunting??

    How's it going I'm currently stationed in WA state, got into duck hunting out here 5 years ago. Thank god I did because I absolutely love it.... Unfortuantly, I'm headed back to New Jersey in 6 months... I'll be living in Hunterdon county, I have been looking and looking for public areas to...
  7. Stop Mute Swans Impact on Native Waterfowl and Wetlands

    Please sign the petition, feel free to indicate in the notes section that the management of mute swans in NY effects other states because native wildlife migrate and mute swans are spreading across state lines! For more...
  8. New to Somerset County, any suggestions on hunting and fishing locations?

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Somerset County (Hillsborough) and could use some advice on good locations to hunt and fish locally, whether it be private land where I ask for permission or public land that I'm not standing shoulder to shoulder with other hunters/fishermen. I hunt deer and turkey...
  9. canoe hunting?

    North Zone
    I was out last weekend and saw some guys in a canoe shooting ducks. I am new to duck hunting and have some questions like is that legal, does the community frown upon it, and other random questions. Any response would be awesome, thanks.
  10. Waterfowlers package

    Classifieds (Free)
    2004 lowe's 15'10" camo jon boat with live well and bilge pump 2004 25 hp johnson electric start and electric tiller loadrite trailer w/bearing buddy hubs boat cover,inflatable vest, camo vest, cushion, river anchor,lake anchor and lines 72(6dozen) full body shell decoys for fields and camo bag...