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  1. For those who want to film their own kills.. cheap and easy (1-16-16 bow kill video)

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    I haven't been able to get out lately so it was nice to get a sit in the woods today. I had a party of 5 come in around 4:15. The big doe caught a drift of something she didn't like and backed out without presenting a shot. I picked off one before they all dipped. The main point of this post tho...
  2. anyone looking to start a career in hunting industry?

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    i have been mapping a business plan and am looking for like-minded individuals who would be interested in launching and growing a cutting edge competitor in todays competitive hunting market. the markets to be penetrated: online e commerce market, privately owned local and regional outdoor...
  3. AGI Gunsmithing and Gunsite/Tactical Response Training Videos - Burlington Cnty

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    Hi All- Just thought I'd put this out there for all my...