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  1. GPS collars

    Gun Dog Upland Hunting
    I've been looking into getting a gps collar for my shorthair. My sportdog 1825 training collar is on its last leg. Had it for 2 years. Anyways, are the tracking collars worth the money?? Which would you recommend? I'm not looking for the top of the line, but pretty close. Only have one dog...
  2. i am new here, but i want the truth

    Show us your Gun Dog
    Let's hear it, GSP or a Brittany? Been juggling between the two. I have my heart set on getting one of the two as my first dog. I do a lot of duck hunting, but this is because I do not have a dog that will enable me to do more of what i really love, woodcock hunting. I want to hear some...
  3. Upland Bird Hunting In The North

    Hi everyone. I moved to NJ two years ago from upstate NY and am looking for some helpful info/advice on pheasant hunting in Northern NJ. I've heard some of the WMAs are almost like the shootout at the OK corral with everything from "mafia types to vaqueros and caballeros"...that's a real quote...
  4. New to Somerset County, any suggestions on hunting and fishing locations?

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Somerset County (Hillsborough) and could use some advice on good locations to hunt and fish locally, whether it be private land where I ask for permission or public land that I'm not standing shoulder to shoulder with other hunters/fishermen. I hunt deer and turkey...