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  1. Strange Offer. . . Free Turtle Stock

    Game Recipes
    I harvested a snapping turtle the other day and put the meat in the crock pot for several hours. I picked the meat off the bones for myself to eat, but have a solid amount of stock/bones left. If anyone wants the stock and/or the bones pm me, and you can have it for free. I know this is unusual...
  2. Who will buy fresh caught snapping turtles in north jersey???

    Title says all I need somebody to buy snappers off of me. I'll prepare them however you want (clean, purged, etc.). I am in the sparta, lake mohawk area. Thanks
  3. Freshwater Striper Action (Pics)

    It's difficult to tell from the pictures but the hybrid striper was 5+. Caught in morris county! I don't usually use live bait, but I caught it on a live herring. I did a little turtle wrangling as well.
  4. WHO buys live snapping turtles!!!

    I found a 35 pounder yesterday in my yard and I think its time for some lines. That being said I need to know who buys snappers.. Thanks P.S I will post a pic of the snapper soon
  5. When will the snapping turtles be out?

    Title says all. I'm wondering when they will be eating my "baited hook"
  6. Looking for someone to accompany host in travel/hunting/fishing/trapping show in NJ

    General Comments & Information
    Hi everyone, Randi here from stick figure productions, a non-fiction production company. Nice to (virtually) meet you! I am part of the development team here, and we are currently working on a new travel show centered around the world of hunting, fishing and trapping. We're looking to do our...