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  1. Turkey Action
    Hey guys. Pretty new to turkey hunting. I will be hitting Wharton next week. I did some scouting and so fourth but any tips that could help land me a gobbler? Thanks everyone. Stay safe and good luck out there.
  2. General Comments & Information
    Hey Guys. I am pretty new to the Wharton State Forest and I have a turkey permit for next week. Are you allowed to access the dirt roads and park within the forest while you are hunting. If so do you need a permit for parking because it is a state forest. If anyone could help me out that would...
  3. General Comments & Information
    Can any one let me know where to shoot a turkey with a bow? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Turkey Action
    Went out last week early morning to South Branch with a friend to hopefully call in a nice turkey. We set up on the south end, and pretty quickly realized the road noise was going to be a problem (though it seems to permeate the entire area). We didn't hear anything for the few hours we were...
  5. Turkey Action
    Hi all, First off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Joe and as I've prepared for my first turkey hunt this year I can safely say just reading through these forums has been an immense help. I also want to make it clear I am in no way asking for spots, just someone who may be open to...
  6. Turkey Action
    Today was my first turkey hunt, as well as my first hunt ever. I went alone to Vorhees State Park early in the morning where I was the only person present. I felt this would help my odds of getting myself a bird! I was wrong...After about an hour of walking through the woods and an hour posted...
  7. NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Hello all! I am a 19 year old new hunter, and the first in my family interested in hunting. I already own my firearms, have all the required licenses, and most of the gear I think I will need. I have a good attitude and am an ambitious learner. I have a lot of respect for firearms and their...
  8. Turkey Action
    Hey all.... heading out to zone 2 next weekend as a first time turkey hunter.... any advice as to where to go? Was planning on going to Walpack WMA. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.... thanks!!
  9. Turkey Action
    Its that time of the year, turkey season rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood. Turkey Hunting Video>>
  10. General Comments & Information
    Hi all Posting this with hopes that the sportsmen community here on NJ Hunter please consider to help support the proposed Forest Stewardship Plan for Sparta Mountain WMA as prepared by NJ Audubon and NJDFW by submitting a quick comment to NJDFW via the links below. The plan was developed...
  11. Turkey Action
    I'm looking for private land or even a good spot of public land. I'm not familiar with Zone 20. I'm open to all suggestions. I'm hoping to bag my first TOM this year. I've been looking forward to this season since the last day of last season.
  12. Youth Hunters
    Hey, anywhere good to start in Sussex, Passaic, or Bergen? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am a youth hunter, not my first time turkey hunting, just looking for tips.
  13. NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Looking to lease land in South Jersey, close to Salem. Does anyone have land or know of anyone looking for new members. etc?? Thanks, Matt
  14. General Comments & Information
    For it or against it?
  15. NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Hey Guys, just a reminder, you can log on at 8am tomorrow to purchase banquet tickets for the NWTF Banquet on June 22nd at the Farmstead Golf and Country Club . Here is the Link : Welcome to Tri-State For | Great Deals. Local Merchants.
  16. Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Established hunting club looking for a few new members to join us. -Somerset, Hunterdon and Mercer county properties. -Deer and Turkey -Fully Insured -$940.00/Dues per year For more information please call Frank: 609-969-0917
  17. General Comments & Information
    To All the Turkey Hunters, On April 15th 2014 We are hosting a Turkey Workshop. Scott Hill, National Wild Turkey Federation NJ Chapter President and on the Board of Directors, will be holding a seminar at 6 pm. All are invited to attend and also we encourage attendees to bring their own calls...
  18. Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Somerset County (Hillsborough) and could use some advice on good locations to hunt and fish locally, whether it be private land where I ask for permission or public land that I'm not standing shoulder to shoulder with other hunters/fishermen. I hunt deer and turkey...
1-18 of 19 Results