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  1. Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hope everyone one here had a great Thanksgiving and that you are having a great hunting season. As mentioned above I'm looking for a hunting club to join in northern Jersey. I am willing to do work details and put in time during the offseason to help landowners or make habitat improvements...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Can any one let me know where to shoot a turkey with a bow? Thanks in advanced.
  3. Small Game Action
    Hei, this is Byron Cook. I love hunting and I have so many experiences of hunting. So if anyone need any kind of help or if you have any questions about hunting ask me. I will try my best to give answers fast. Happy hunting. [lol][lol][lol]
  4. Turkey Action
    I am new to hunting and got a permit to hunt turkey this spring. Does anyone one have advice on where in sussex county to hunt and what time I should begin to find a lot of turkeys? So far i've heard of Kittatinny and Paulinskill parks. Thank you!
  5. Turkey Action
    This will be my first year bow hunting for turkey. Can someone please tell me where to go in Turkey Swamp and Assupink. Thanks!
1-5 of 6 Results