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  1. Tuna Rod/Reel combos for sale (5)

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    I would like to sell all 5 as a package for $2000 (over $3k new). 3 are Seeker rods BTS660XH-6'AR with Shimano TLD 50 2 speed reels spooled with 50lb mono. 2 are Billfisher rods with Penn GLD 50 II reels spooled with 50 lb mono. All are in excellent shape, very lightly used only 2 seasons. Send...
  2. Looking for a tuna guy to take me out on my boat

    I have a 32 center with outriggers enough r gas to go 100 miles and troll of 10 hours and all the electronics I need but I have no idea what to do and I don't have the tackle. I'm looking for a guy that knows what to do and has the gear.