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  1. Classifieds (Free)
    Looking to buy trapping supplies. Specifically, fleshing knife and fleshing board along with any kind of trap or snare anchors. PM me and let me know what you have.
  2. Trappers Lounge
    I want to get my license but i cant fin any classes. If anyone has any info pm me plz
  3. Youth Hunters
    I'm a youth looking to get into trapping but i don't have a fleshing board or a stretching board. I have been trying to find them for sale on the internet but can't find any the are decantly priced. If anyone has some for sale please pm me. Thx
  4. Fishing
    I am planning on cooking up some crawfish and I want to know where I can trap / catch them.
  5. Fishing
    I need to know where I can fish. I'm looking for bass, trout and catfish. I will live near lake Mohawk.
  6. Fishing
    Hello guys I was just curious if you guys had any spots to find snapping turtles or possibly a pond owner who wants the turtles off the property. Thanks
  7. General Comments & Information
    Hi everyone, Randi here from stick figure productions, a non-fiction production company. Nice to (virtually) meet you! I am part of the development team here, and we are currently working on a new travel show centered around the world of hunting, fishing and trapping. We're looking to do our...
  8. Trappers Lounge
    I was just wondering what you can trap in the pines. preferably near county road 532 (Wells Mills RD) or anywhere by waretown NJ. THANKS
  9. Fishing
    I was just wondering if crayfish live ANYWHERE in the pine barrens. I would love to eat some wild crawfish that I caught. if you know of any spots let me know.
  10. Trappers Lounge
    Please sign the petition, feel free to indicate in the notes section that the management of mute swans in NY effects other states because native wildlife migrate and mute swans are spreading across state lines! For more...
  11. Trappers Lounge
    I just started trapping and have been trying to trap some muskrats. I trappeda female muskrat at a den in acreek beside my house. After catching it the den stopped producing. Is there still some in the creek?
  12. Trappers Lounge
    I just was curious what kind of gun y'all use. I know it's a 22 short but what make and model. Also this was never clear to me, would I be able to use a revolver? Let me know guys. Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results