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  1. Freshwater Striper Action (Pics)

    It's difficult to tell from the pictures but the hybrid striper was 5+. Caught in morris county! I don't usually use live bait, but I caught it on a live herring. I did a little turtle wrangling as well.
  2. Get your car or truck checked out before striper season FOR FREE

    General Comments & Information
    Breaking down is never fun. Breaking down on the beach, especially. My family owns and operates Tool Time Auto in Central/South NJ. We have two locations, Toms River and Hamilton. All you have to do is stop in and ask. In the inspection, we check the brakes, tires, shocks and struts, fluid...
  3. 2013 NJH Striper-A-Thon Sign-up!

    NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Cancelled due to lack of interest...