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  1. Northern
    Planning my first ever hunt of any kind at black river WMA at the start of small game season 9/28 - any advice - what to look for? any specific areas of the park more conducive for small game? potential pitfalls - any guidance is appreciated..
  2. Classifieds (Free)
    Hey I am looking to buy a .32 or .36 caliber muzzleloader for squirrel hunting this year. If someone wants to sell theirs let me know also i am interested in casts for making round ball. [up]
  3. Deer Zone 6
    Please be aware that we all SHARE the woods. That means: please walk quietly; if you see a bait trail or pile, WALK BACK THE WAY YOU CAME QUIETLY; look up often -if you see a tree stand, WALK BACK THE WAY YOU CAME QUIETLY; if you do not harvest anything -DO NOT DISCHARGE YOUR MUZZLELOADER IN THE...
  4. Small Game Action
    I was thinking about doing some squirrel hunting tomorrow day, or some Raccoon hunting tomorrow night. Does anyone have any experience with doing either of these after a snowfall? Does the snow keep them denned?
1-4 of 4 Results