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  1. Support for Sparta Mountain WMA- Forest Stewardship Plan

    General Comments & Information
    Hi all Posting this with hopes that the sportsmen community here on NJ Hunter please consider to help support the proposed Forest Stewardship Plan for Sparta Mountain WMA as prepared by NJ Audubon and NJDFW by submitting a quick comment to NJDFW via the links below. The plan was developed...
  2. Crawfish spots in near sparta nj???

    I am planning on cooking up some crawfish and I want to know where I can trap / catch them.
  3. Catfishing near sparta nj!!!

    I need a spot to catch catfish.. Preferably a small pond or lake where I can be in privacy.. If its a farm pond that will work to.
  4. Who will buy fresh caught snapping turtles in north jersey???

    Title says all I need somebody to buy snappers off of me. I'll prepare them however you want (clean, purged, etc.). I am in the sparta, lake mohawk area. Thanks