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  1. Signal 11 Lures
    Freezer Filler is the absolute #1 lure for ALL season attracting of Bucks and Doe! Unreal how good it works at bringing in deer and relaxing them! (now comes w spray top) Brain Fart is a BUCK lure that works great from pre rut through peak rut! Wet Spot is our scrape igniter, spay into mock...
  2. Signal 11 Lures
    This will be some of the 2016 deer that have fallen to Signal 11 Lures. Every deer is someones trophy! Georgia Buck Cool Rack! Glenn's Jersey earn-a-Buck doe. Glenn's Jersey Fall Buck.
  3. Signal 11 Lures
    We have been making SWEET DREAMS Bear attractant for a few years now. It is WEATHER PROOF and sticks to everything! It is a super sweet aroma gel that drives bear crazy! It draws them in and keeps them coming back! Its great as a stand alone attractant which you would spread on trees about 5...
  4. General Comments & Information
    Randi Rowlett took down this great Indiana public land Buck this morning! She used our FREEZER FILLER all season curiosity lure to bring in this Buck and Does. She can be seen on the Pursuit channel on the Bucket List Outdoors. Congrats Randi and thanks for trusting our lure to help fill your...
  5. General Comments & Information
    Sportsmans Rendezvous had to move our lure behind the counter because it got a little crazy the first week we stocked the store. Everything restocked and fresh. Our TRAMP STAMP has been working fantastic. All my other stores will be stocked and ready for Friday sales. Support your local...
  6. Butcher Reviews & Information
    Brian Laube Butcher now stocks our lure. North Haledon NJ. 973-427-0356
  7. Taxidermist Reviews & Information
    Buckshot is on 519 next to Space Farms. He now stocks our lure.
  8. General Comments & Information
    Congratulations Kris Helms aka Spirit of the Wild Vid Cam Dude on a very nice Ohio Buck. Kris hunted with our TRAMP STAMP estrus lure Sunday night and had buck come in but no shot. He used it again yesterday morning and this guy came right to it.
  9. Signal 11 Lures
    4 Bucks down in the last few days, just in NJ. More across the USA. Ill post the others in my Signal 11 Lures photo thread. Matt's Buck. (2 pics) came into bow range from downwind to lure. Pats Buck Rich's Buck. zone 5 (2 Pics) Billy's Buck, West Milford
  10. General Comments & Information
    See the Signal 11 Lures photo thread for 3 new deer down & details on this sweet Buck.
  11. Signal 11 Lures
    I will add pics to this thread of customers that have used our products. Our lures can be purchased on our web site or Ebay. I can be contacted by phone or email if you need help choosing the right lure. Home [email protected] 97three 670-08two0 Earn A Buck 2015. We double off of two...
  12. General Comments & Information
    Simon Peter, Mt Mikes, Skylands Sports and Garden State Bow and Reel are stocked up. Grab our "Sweet Dreams" bear attractant gel our one of our Buck lures for 6 Day! Only $11.00 GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!
  13. General Comments & Information
    My first morning out set up early, sat for a while then sprayed some signal 11 lure, (BRAIN FART) i had in my back pack. Every few min i sprayed a little more. Aprox an hour later this buck came in to check out the scent. 25 yard shot. My biggest NJ buck to date. its aprox 140 plus inches and...
1-13 of 13 Results