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  1. Looking for a mentor

    General Comments & Information
    Hey Everyone - I'm looking for a mentor for a deer hunt. I've never been before. I'm not from a hunting family and my wife is luke-warm about this at best lol. But its something I always wanted to try out. But I'm concerned because I don't know how to field dress a deer (if I get one). My...
  2. SCOPE - Simmons Shotgun 1.5-5x20

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    Simmons model 7791D 1.5-5x20 as new in box . I have weaver rings mounted on the scope they are also as new. I never took this scope out of my house. I have original box and paperwork. $50.00 cash . Pickup in Oakland NJ Thanks for looking
  3. Help getting first shotgun

    I'm planning to get my first firearm after using a friend's for 2 turkey hunts, and wanted to look for a shotgun to use for duck, turkey and deer. I'm researching on my own but wanted to see if there's a specific gauge, length or model I should focus on more than others. I appreciate any...
  4. For sale - Mossberg 500 Field/deer combo 12 ga. pump model 58243

    Classifieds (Free)
    Looking to sell barely used Mossberg 500 trophy Slugster field/deer combo. 2 barrels - 28" smooth bore and 24" rifled slug. Both barrels ported. No scope. Also have approx. $150.00 of 12 ga. shells which I'd like to sell with it [pic attached] Looking for $300.00 for full package. Make...
  5. Wanted - Youth semiauto shotgun 20 ga

    Classifieds (Free)
    Wanted - Youth semiauto shotgun 20 ga: Looking to purchase a youth sized shotgun for my daughter. I would prefer to stay in the Monmouth Co or Ocean Co areas. TriStar Viper, Weatherby SA-08, etc...want to spend $300-$350. Thanks.
  6. Guns on motorcycles

    NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits
    Now I've seen this posted here before and haven't gotten a straight answer. I drive a 2015 husqvarna fe501s which is a street legal dirt bike( no saddles, bags or anything) and i just bought a beautiful winchester sxp buck and bird combo and would like to know the best way to transport it on...
  7. Remington 11-87 Premier semi auto 12 Gauge for sale

    Classifieds (Free)
    I have a used Remington Premier 11-87 semi auto 12 Gauge for sale. I am the original owner. It's not mint condition, it didn't sit in the cabinet collecting dust [smirk] It's had it's share of use, and killed Deer, small game, and been trap shooting. It's got multiple chokes, and I have the...
  8. Want to sell guns- Fair prices!

    Classifieds (Free)
    WTS guns- Fair prices! Reduced 11-05-14 I am selling two of my guns to fund anther firearm purchase. First is a really nice, FN Hi-Power, single action, 9mm in Matt black epoxy finish. These Hi-Powers, were made in Belgium for Browning but were stamped as FN herstal, Columbia SC. I have the...
  9. 12 ga. single shot, 28 ga. adaptor and shotshells

    Classifieds (Free)
    Hopkins and Allen 12 gauge single shot. Steel barrel, 30" with full choke, bead sight. Lock-up is tight, no play at all. Bore is mirror bright. Beat up wood and bluing is mostly gone but no rust or pitting. Comes with a slip-on recoil pad and shell holder, 28 gauge adaptor and 5 1/2 boxes of...
  10. Do you feel we should have a longer hunting season for deer?

    Deer Action
    If so then sign this petition
  11. Old Shotgun Question/Help/Opinion

    I recently acquired a very old (1915?) double barrel 12 gauge, Riverside Arms Co.. It is in pretty rough shape, I dont think I would be comfortable firing it as is. My question would be...does anybody know where I could get a replacement stock? Or would this just be better as wall-art? Stock...
  12. canoe hunting?

    North Zone
    I was out last weekend and saw some guys in a canoe shooting ducks. I am new to duck hunting and have some questions like is that legal, does the community frown upon it, and other random questions. Any response would be awesome, thanks.
  13. New Spot.

    General Comments & Information
    i just got permission to hunt a huge farm. I want to hunt it by Friday. I'm going to set up a blind on the side of a corn field facing the field and drop some corn or sugar beets or apples. Will this be enough time (2 days) or should i juts forget it and wait till winter bow to hunt the place.
  14. Help?

    General Comments & Information
    IM 16 uyears old and am hunting by my self this year for shot gun. In area 55 can i shoot a doe during 6 day? Do i need a special permit?
  15. For sale brand new Mossberg 590A1 shotgun

    Classifieds (Free)
    WTS brand new, never fired Mossberg 590A1. 12 GA pump, cylinder bore, black synthetic full stock. 8 shot extension tube. 8+1, Blackhawk shell sling and Uncle Mike QD swivels, bayonet lug. Great HD setup. $450.00 picked up (can meet at RTSP in Randolph). FID, and matching NJ drivers license, and...
  16. Clinton Wma

    NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Hello All, I could never find much info on the range at the Clinton WMA, so I did a google map update and made a video of the rifle range. This was based on me not ever being able to find more on the rifle range and its general setup and amenities. Hopefully this will benefit anyone seeking info...
  17. F/S Trijicon Ghost Ring Sight 870

    Classifieds (Free)
    As title says, am selling my trijicon sight. This is for a 870. Located 08215. Will sell for $75.
  18. Stright Up TRADE....Have 2-28" Vent Ribbed 12 Guage Barrels for Rem 870 and Mossy 500

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    Stright Up TRADE....Have 2-28" Vent Ribbed 12 Guage Barrels for Rem 870 and Mossy 500 I Want to trade either one or both of these for non vent ribbed, much shorter barrels, between 18 - 20" and would like one of them to preferable be choked Cylinder or Improved Cylinder. Both my barrels are in...
  19. How old do you have to be to purchase a shotgun?

    NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits
    See title
  20. Wanted - Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 16 Gauge

    Classifieds (Free)
    Looking for gift for my son. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 16 Gauge Plain Barrel preferred. Also interested in 1950's Winchester Model 12, Remington 870 Wingmaster 16 Gauge Plain Barrel and BPS 16 Gauge. Please email me or call if interested in selling one or more of these. Prefer guns in good or...