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  1. Sportsmans Rendezvous stocked with Fresh TRAMP STAMP for the weekend !

    General Comments & Information
    Sportsmans Rendezvous had to move our lure behind the counter because it got a little crazy the first week we stocked the store. Everything restocked and fresh. Our TRAMP STAMP has been working fantastic. All my other stores will be stocked and ready for Friday sales. Support your local...
  2. Rednecks Pride Scents!!! I am the Northern NJ Distributor- Get em while there hot!

    General Comments & Information
    As Redneck stated earlier in the week i will be selling his product line up here in northern sussex county. Anyone who has used his scents knows how deadly they are and with a full line from cover scents to scrape starters Rednecks pride scent line is a one stop shop for everything you need. Rut...
  3. just started deer hunting need help with scents!

    How To
    Hey, this is my first year actually going hunting. I have owned a Horton 150lb crossbow for a couple of years but never shot anything but paper.. I know that bow is fine for anything within thirty yards. Iam going to be hunting out of a tree stand. I was wondering what the best scents for...