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  1. How safe are stirrups held in by set screws?

    Hi all, new to the forums and hunting in general. Over the summer I purchased a Centerpoint Sniper 370. My plan was practice target shooting while preparing for the written test for my hunter's license. On my third trip after around 30-40 shots, the stirrup set screws came loose while I was...
  2. What did you guys do when you first time using tree stand(climber)?

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    Hi All, Finally I got my hunter course done and persuade my GF hunting is not just killing(Whofff....). And start preparing for fall bow season. Question comes. I do not have any friend who has lots of hunting experience. And I don't even see tree stand before I tried to buy one. (The model I...
  3. A couple of question from a absolute beginner pre-bow-hunter

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    Hi Hunter friends, Hunting is a dream. US give me the chance to bring it to truth. Finally I put hunting plan into action. I am planning getting licence this coming March. I am very exciting but also upset. I read a lot hunting safety article and video even I don't have a licence. Maybe my...
  4. F/S Hunter Safety System Treestalker II Harness

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    I have a brand new with tags vest that I purchased last year for $110 with shipping. This is a L/XL that is rated at 300 lbs MAX. Fits approx persons 175-250 lbs. Adjusts from 35" to 56" around torso. It has two inner pockets, two outer pockets and two zipper vest pockets. Included are...
  5. Hunter Safety System Hybrid Size L/XL ** LIKE NEW

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    What's up everyone. I have a Hunter Safety System Hybrid Size L/XL in like new condition. I'm selling it for a friend who purchased it in September. He has all of the original pieces that came with it and if needed, I believe he has the original packaging as well. Purchased for $139 and he's...