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  1. WHO buys live snapping turtles!!!

    I found a 35 pounder yesterday in my yard and I think its time for some lines. That being said I need to know who buys snappers.. Thanks P.S I will post a pic of the snapper soon
  2. What's your opinion on the BEST snapping turtle bait for south jersey ponds?

    title says all what should i use this summer for snappers. (Cut fish, guts, etc.) let me know.
  3. FISHING, HUNTING, TRAPPING, ETC...... What Should I Do On My YouTube Channel!!!!!!!

    Hello guys, i have 50 subscribers but i have not made a video in around 6-8 months. my channel name is ( redneckoutdoorsman OR ).... so if you have any suggestions or want to subscribe or even see what i have on my channel currently...
  4. Rednecks Pride Scents!!! I am the Northern NJ Distributor- Get em while there hot!

    General Comments & Information
    As Redneck stated earlier in the week i will be selling his product line up here in northern sussex county. Anyone who has used his scents knows how deadly they are and with a full line from cover scents to scrape starters Rednecks pride scent line is a one stop shop for everything you need. Rut...