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  1. General Comments & Information
    Hi hunters, Finally get my summit climber. I live in Jersey city. Try to pick a frost to try my climber. But since the season has started. I don't want to ruin anyone's hunting. Thinking if I can practice climber in a non hunting area like south orange reservation. Will I get trouble by doing...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Hi All, Finally I got my hunter course done and persuade my GF hunting is not just killing(Whofff....). And start preparing for fall bow season. Question comes. I do not have any friend who has lots of hunting experience. And I don't even see tree stand before I tried to buy one. (The model I...
  3. Turkey Action
    I'm looking for private land or even a good spot of public land. I'm not familiar with Zone 20. I'm open to all suggestions. I'm hoping to bag my first TOM this year. I've been looking forward to this season since the last day of last season.
  4. Maps, Maps, and Maps
    Hello Everyone, I am new to bow hunting and I wondered if someone can help me find a place to hunt. I am not asking for your spot but I live in Mercer County and I have tried some places like Assunpink because it is public. I was thinking of doing some scouting soon in Colliers Mills. I really...
1-4 of 5 Results