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pine barrens

  1. WHO buys live snapping turtles!!!

    I found a 35 pounder yesterday in my yard and I think its time for some lines. That being said I need to know who buys snappers.. Thanks P.S I will post a pic of the snapper soon
  2. When will the snapping turtles be out?

    Title says all. I'm wondering when they will be eating my "baited hook"
  3. what do rednecks do in the snow

    It is a real question... what do I do in the snow. I'm so bored!!!
  4. pine lands catfish???

    Title says most. Where are the catfish in ocean, burlington, and atlantic counties.
  5. (OFF TOPIC QUESTION 2) is there illegal moonshiners in the pines?

    just curious about that. I thought of this from the TV show "moonshiners"
  6. Looking for someone to accompany host in travel/hunting/fishing/trapping show in NJ

    General Comments & Information
    Hi everyone, Randi here from stick figure productions, a non-fiction production company. Nice to (virtually) meet you! I am part of the development team here, and we are currently working on a new travel show centered around the world of hunting, fishing and trapping. We're looking to do our...
  7. Help me with this off topic question???

    Hello, I live in waretown NJ, by the pine barrens. I have heard of abandoned blueberry fields and was wondering if anyone knows of such? if so please pm me or reply. THANKS
  8. What can you trap in the pine barrens?

    Trappers Lounge
    I was just wondering what you can trap in the pines. preferably near county road 532 (Wells Mills RD) or anywhere by waretown NJ. THANKS
  9. CRAWFISH IN THE PINES??? if so where are they

    I was just wondering if crayfish live ANYWHERE in the pine barrens. I would love to eat some wild crawfish that I caught. if you know of any spots let me know.
  10. is there any where to fish out in the pines by dirt road?

    Hello, my name is Liam. I am new to this site and the pines. I love the dirt roads in the pines but I also love fishing. is there any "dirt road fishing spots" you guys are willing to share with me? if so where are they located? thanks guys I would love to hear an answer to that.