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  1. Deer Zone 19
    This is only my second season hunting and first time hunting Z19. I found what i believe is a decent spot but I'm having one issue.. There has only been bucks! 3 different ones actually. I attached pictures. The one only came around during the day 1 time.. the other 2 are 1130pm-4am... Is this...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Look up my thread about the picture my friend drew for me. He's home from college for another 2 weeks I believe. He's said he can get quite a few done in that time. Pm me for my email address. Then send me the pic you want done and I'll give it to him then give you a price. Let me know! Good...
  3. Fishing
    I do not have access to a boat but I know how to catch catfish. This perch is an example of prime giant catfish bait. Kind of like a live skipjack rigged for a blue marlin. I will throw money towards fuel etc. If someone wants to fish the Delaware (where I hear the real lunkers live) and want to...
1-3 of 3 Results