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  1. Goose and Pheasant Dinner

    Game Recipes
    Tonight for dinner I made grilled jalapeño pheasant poppers/kebobs and also grilled cajun goose (Medium-rare). Both turned out really well. The goose tasted like good lamb.
  2. Pheasant Hunting, North NJ

    General Comments & Information
    Looking to try out a no dog zone, between Flatbrook, and Widdingham. How are both places, and are they possible to hunt without any dogs? Thanks in advance -jmoney
  3. Upland Bird Hunting In The North

    Hi everyone. I moved to NJ two years ago from upstate NY and am looking for some helpful info/advice on pheasant hunting in Northern NJ. I've heard some of the WMAs are almost like the shootout at the OK corral with everything from "mafia types to vaqueros and caballeros"...that's a real quote...
  4. Pheasant hunting with 2 NJH legends 1/18/2014

    General Comments & Information
    I went out today with my bestfriends dad and his best buddy to the charity hunt they had at Hunt's Family Preserve. We met Ghostbear and Jakesbeard down there. I've hunted with Ghostbear before but this was my first time meeting Jakesbeard. Ghostbear's viszla is absolutely awesome, he found all...
  5. Pheasant for sale - making room for incoming mount.

    Classifieds (Free)
    I have a 2 ringneck pheasants for sale, one is flying right and the other is flying left. Both a beautiful birds and for sale to make room in my den for an incoming mount. I am willing to sell them for $125 a piece or $220 for both. I can text or email pics if you are interested. Thanks!