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  1. Small Game Action
    Small - the same height and width of a pheasant. Thier nose was level with a pheasant's tail and if a pheasant could fit, so could they. If the pheasant was in dense grass and blazed a path to run off, they did the work for the cockers, who fit just right into the parted grass. The smaller size...
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    Why hunt pheasant? Pheasant are everywhere. Although wild pheasant range is not everywhere in the USA, state wildlife agencies operate pheasant farms and release birds on public hunting areas near you. This provides you, the hunter, with land access to a reliable supply of pheasant without...
  3. Small Game Action
    Most of us have some money and a little bit of luck, but not enough of either to keep us busy for an entire pheasant season. What’s the option? Public land, pheasant release sites. Enter the protests: Over-hunted. Crowded.​​​​​​​.. READ MORE...
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    This does not suggest dogs are not desirable. And, even when hunting with good dogs you still should mark birds you shoot!!!! READ MORE:
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    Some locations are hunted really hard and often. Does that mean all the pheasants have already been taken? Not in the least. However, the birds have become wise and have learned how to avoid hunters. READ MORE:
  6. Small Game Action
    Unlike wild pheasant, pen-reared pheasant are not tied to resources and therefore wander rather than go from resource to resource. Sometimes within a few days they move more than 5 miles from the point of release. On the other hand, some may not move far and those that have left may return. From...
  7. Small Game Action
    The ring-necked pheasant prefers to run rather than fly and can test the most skilled bird hunting dog with its hide-and-seek behavior. The first mistake you can make is to underestimate them. They learn quickly and hunters are their best teachers… There are two kinds of hunters in the world...
  8. Small Game Action
    Almost a half a century of experience has taught me that the vast majority of dogs from hunting breeds can be valuable assets in the field and do about the same thing. However, "how" they do it distinguishes them apart. The degree that which a strength or trait actually functions as an advantage...
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    Who's going out for birds and where? Berkshire Valley for me , 25th year in a row.
  10. Small Game Action
    Let's Talk About Food! - New York Dove Hunting
  11. Small Game Action
    A lot of information in this article, but all of it is important... Ring-Necked Pheasant ? Invasive Species or Valuable Gamebird? - The Bird Hunting Society
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    Hunting for Groceries with Your Dog - New York Dove Hunting
  13. General Comments & Information
    FYI: Use the share buttons off the website! New Jersey Legislative Angling and Hunting Conservation Caucus - New Jersey Sunday Hunting for All
1-13 of 13 Results