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  1. How do I get my commercial crab pot permit

    Title says most. HOW: How do I get one and at what cost per pot WHO: who do I apply/buy from WHEN: when can I get one
  2. Taking Shotgun from NY to NJ for the weekend (indirect trip)

    NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits
    Hi all, I am new to both NewJerseyHunter and hunting in general, so I really appreciate the input and advice of the more seasoned members and hunters. I currently live in NYC, but grew up in NJ, and have started enjoying hunting and clay shooting near where I grew up. I just purchased my...
  3. WTB - .45 1911 style - Permit in Hand

    Wanted to Buy
    I have a purchase permit ready to go and I am looking to use it by the end of the month. I have been looking a some of the local gun shops but nothing but new 2k or better guns. Ideally, I am looking for a used .45 1911 style single or double stack magazines with low round count / minimal wear...
  4. Denied!?!?!

    NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits
    Just got denied Fid and Purchase rights in nj. Received the letter and says I have 30 days ( which is now like 20) to appeal which i will? anyone else go through this recently? I need info quick !!!
  5. Thinking about doing custom 1911 build

    Anyone done it? Dont really like what iv been seeing and plus my permit is going to expire soon (already extended) any thoughts?