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  1. Field Testing and Evaluation
    The State Game Lands 183 range is to be found on RT. 6 between Lk. Wallenpaupack Rd. and Kimbles Rd. Tafton, PA 18464. Upon arriving at the range, the 100 yd. range is on the left with 11 firing points. ^ This is the left half of the 100yd. range.Located on the right side of the range...
  2. Small Game Action
    Rhode Island, PA, andOntario Dove Seasons, Sunday hunting in Ontario Rhode Island MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS Mourning Doves -The open season for mourning doves isstatewide: September 14 to October 13; October 19 to November 9; December 18 to January 4 Shooting hours are: First split: noon to...
1-2 of 2 Results