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  1. Big Piece / Passaic River False Alarms

    North Zone
    Fairfield man made hoax distress calls, cops say | Seems they caught the little jerk who was calling in the false alarms on the Passaic River. This twat is one of the reasons the ramp was closed. I bet he is a buttbuddy of some antihunter group --coughWPIcough cough--- I...
  2. Passaic River - Spinnerbaits and Pike

    Hello, First post on here. Decided I'd get into the blog world of fishing and just wanted to share my first experience fishing the Passaic River in my life. I was out today shore fishing for probably two hours. First cast ever on the passaic and I kid you not a pike slams my lipless crank...
  3. Caught a 4 pound pike on the Passaic behind Wendy's in East Hanover

    Just thought I'd share. Almost caught another one under the Eagle Rock bridge.