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  1. Upland Bird Hunting In The North

    Hi everyone. I moved to NJ two years ago from upstate NY and am looking for some helpful info/advice on pheasant hunting in Northern NJ. I've heard some of the WMAs are almost like the shootout at the OK corral with everything from "mafia types to vaqueros and caballeros"...that's a real quote...
  2. Any good carp fishing spot in or around North NJ?

    Any good carp fishing spots in or around North NJ? Hello everyone, does anyone know of any good carp fishing spots in North NJ? I was an angler for a long time in the UK, and moved to the Bergen County around 6 years ago. I really miss carp fishing, and see that there is a growing population of...
  3. Caught a 4 pound pike on the Passaic behind Wendy's in East Hanover

    Just thought I'd share. Almost caught another one under the Eagle Rock bridge.