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  1. Signal 11 Lures
    Freezer Filler is the absolute #1 lure for ALL season attracting of Bucks and Doe! Unreal how good it works at bringing in deer and relaxing them! (now comes w spray top) Brain Fart is a BUCK lure that works great from pre rut through peak rut! Wet Spot is our scrape igniter, spay into mock...
  2. Signal 11 Lures
    We have been making SWEET DREAMS Bear attractant for a few years now. It is WEATHER PROOF and sticks to everything! It is a super sweet aroma gel that drives bear crazy! It draws them in and keeps them coming back! Its great as a stand alone attractant which you would spread on trees about 5...
  3. Signal 11 Lures
    I will add pics to this thread of customers that have used our products. Our lures can be purchased on our web site or Ebay. I can be contacted by phone or email if you need help choosing the right lure. Home [email protected] 97three 670-08two0 Earn A Buck 2015. We double off of two...
  4. General Comments & Information
    Right now quality Dominant Buck lure is your best bet. It is not cold, there is plenty of vegitation to eat and bucks are not yet after Doe. Buck urine is ok but a blended lure which has glands and fresh Buck urine works best. The multiple glands we blend into our lure is what makes our "Buck...
  5. Classifieds (Free)
    I've got apple trees that produced "not so hot" apples... $2 per 5gal pail. Been mixing them with oats,corn and molasses...sounds a bit pricey...well worth it...!
  6. Fishing
    I can't upload the pictures on to this cause I'm on my phone but if you think you can identify them email me [email protected] and I'll send u the pics case I could only get one on here now I can't figure out how to get it off
1-6 of 6 Results