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  1. Looking for a club or land to hunt in Jackson

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Looking for private land to hunt or a club to join in or near Jackson for deer hunting. Pm me please
  2. Hunting near mahwah

    Maps, Maps, and Maps
    i live in mahwah and was looking for spats to hunt. i was wondering if u could hunt any where on stag hill of hike in to somewhere from there or any land to hunt that's good not to far.
  3. New Jersey Land for Sale or Lease

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hello, My family owns 71 acres of land located in Tabernacle and Woodland Townships in New Jersey. The land has been in my family since 1964 and has been preserved. The land is located in the Pinelands Preservation District and is ideal for hunting, horticulture and recreational use. We are...
  4. Transfer of Federal Land to States. . . thoughts

    General Comments & Information
    F&S article stated that federal land may be transferred to the states. They claim that states don't have the funds to properly maintain all the public federal land. Does anyone know any more about this? Please share thoughts. It seems like Federal land is better off staying with the federal...
  5. In search of TURKEY land to lease

    NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Looking to lease land in South Jersey, close to Salem. Does anyone have land or know of anyone looking for new members. etc?? Thanks, Matt
  6. Tried searching but no luck...hmm

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    Long story short. A hunter buddy of mine told me he recently saw a post here of someone with private land offering a lease or something to Vets. I'm 27 and an Iraq combat vet. If anyone saw this please let me know. I tried searching the forum and didn't find anything. It's only my second season...
  7. Looking for private land to hunt

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    I bow hunt and only hunt deer. I am looking for land in the area of Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, or maybe Cumberland county. I am willing to help out around the land with various caretaker responsibilities and/or pay $. I'm responsible, respectful, and honest. PM me if you have/know...
  8. Looking for at least 100+ acres to lease South To Central Jerseys

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hi, I am looking to lease at least a 100 plus acres or so of land to hunt. Ideally a mix of farm and wooded land but open to other options. I would hunt it with family and close friends -- all career firemen or cops from Camden County. We are willing to help maintain the land and manage the...
  9. NW New Jersey - 73 Acres

    Classifieds (Free)
    Seventy three acres for lease, with deeded Delaware river rights. The property is high dry and wooded. Please call Frank at 973-534-3395 or email me at [email protected] You can view the website at The year rental is at $3000.00
  10. Question about $/per acre ????????

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    Just wondering what the typical going rate is per acre these days, I hunt a lot of friends pieces so its free but was wondering what you would offer someone lets say who had 30 acres for the season? I have a few smaller chunks that im looking into 15acres, 22, acres, 30 acres, 43 acres etc...