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    i just got permission to hunt a huge farm. I want to hunt it by Friday. I'm going to set up a blind on the side of a corn field facing the field and drop some corn or sugar beets or apples. Will this be enough time (2 days) or should i juts forget it and wait till winter bow to hunt the place.
  2. How To
    I know not all Compound Bow deals come ready-to-hunt, but Dick's is selling this one that is. I assume I'll have to get it fitted to my pull weight, sight level, etc.? I have an athletic build at 6'2", 200lbs, so what do you think I should look for in poundage? I'm new to this so if you have...
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    For Sale is a PWC Davits lift with a Jetski harness. This whole lift and motor is in 100% working condition and comes with all mounts and switches. Harness is for a PWC and in perfect condition. The reason for selling it is because my parents are getting their bulkhead replaced and are not...
  4. Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hi, I am looking to lease at least a 100 plus acres or so of land to hunt. Ideally a mix of farm and wooded land but open to other options. I would hunt it with family and close friends -- all career firemen or cops from Camden County. We are willing to help maintain the land and manage the...
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    2004 lowe's 15'10" camo jon boat with live well and bilge pump 2004 25 hp johnson electric start and electric tiller loadrite trailer w/bearing buddy hubs boat cover,inflatable vest, camo vest, cushion, river anchor,lake anchor and lines 72(6dozen) full body shell decoys for fields and camo bag...
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    Located in Evesham, Burlington County Rage Hypodermic 100g 2" Cut Broadheads - $35 each Rage Chisel Tip Xtreme 100g 2.3" Cut Broadheads - $35 Each 5 Packs for $160! 10 Packs for $300! PM me if your interested. Thanks
  7. Deer Zone 12
    Hi im new to the site and this is my first year deer hunting. I know its a little late but i was originally going to hunt on the farm where i work but it turns out that they have to many people hunting there so i wont be able to. But i already bought a ladderstand thinking i could put it up ad...
  8. Classifieds (Free)
    Seventy three acres for lease, with deeded Delaware river rights. The property is high dry and wooded. Please call Frank at 973-534-3395 or email me at [email protected] You can view the website at The year rental is at $3000.00
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    Another classic Fishhound commerical that tells the tale of Jake and his new girlfriend Mindy who is always trying to spice up things up a bit. How Does He Do It?She put his fishing tackle where? No she didn't! | - Fishing Reports
  10. NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    Im willing to come to your land and slay crows. contact me if you need some clearing done. im in south jersey near Fort Dix
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    Jesse's Hot Sauce Original 3X Reviews | Jesse's Hot Sauce Original 3X Details Ishmael's Special Blend Southern Style Barbeque HOT! Reviews | Ishmael's Special Blend Southern Style Barbeque HOT! Details Hot and Bothered Perky Jerky Beef Reviews | Hot and Bothered Perky Jerky Beef Details
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    [rofl] Go to to check it out yourself. Make sure you use promo code: Bassr1 to get a $5 discount.
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    Fishhound Commercial: Hot Girl vs. Fishing Lure Video | Fishing Videos & Movies What would you do if you where him?[lol]