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  1. How To
    Hey there, hunters! I’m really passionate about hunting and realized I want to shoot with pinpoint accuracy. So I’ve created an app with all the features shooters will ever need for training. At this point the app is pretty straightforward but functional. SPOTTR can calculate your shot groups...
  2. Deer Action
    I was searching for mule deer hunting tips and found Mule Deer Hunting article, but a question about this topic is too important to know. How important the location for Mule deer hunting?
  3. Turkey Action
    Today was my first turkey hunt, as well as my first hunt ever. I went alone to Vorhees State Park early in the morning where I was the only person present. I felt this would help my odds of getting myself a bird! I was wrong...After about an hour of walking through the woods and an hour posted...
1-3 of 3 Results