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  1. Custom Pistol Slides legal?

    NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits
    I have 2 questions on 2 types of slides for a pistol... 1) Is a custom slide that is bought complete legal in NJ since it has no serial number? if i were to buy this slide from a company my serial number would only be on the frame. 2) if i send my slide to get custom frame cuts (some cuts...
  2. Smith and Wesson 3913 Stainless

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    Selling off my 3913 semi auto 9mm with 2 mags clean gun, dead on. gun broker has it on for $600 I'm asking $500 located in Bergen Co.
  3. Glock 30SF for sale!

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    Hello all, I am interested in selling my Glock 30 SF .45 ACP. I purchased this gun to use as my off duty weapon. I have shot it through two qualification courses only so the weapon only has 200 rounds total through it. I had the grip custom stippled as well which does wonders for sweaty hands...
  4. Handgun Purchase Permit / FID Denial

    First off I just want to welcome myself; new on this site. I live in Burlington County and just applied for my FID and permit to purchase a handgun through the Red Lion State Police. Ive been an NJ resident for 14 years and I have no criminal history in my past whatsoever. I have however, seen...
  5. Smith and Wesson 22A

    Hey guys!! Got my eye on this S&W 22A LR. I've read so many mixed reviews and was wondering if anybody here has any input. This will be my first handgun and I am on a budget. Might use it as a range/small game/ walk around the woods and shoot trees/keep next to the bed gun. Open to...
  6. Thinking about doing custom 1911 build

    Anyone done it? Dont really like what iv been seeing and plus my permit is going to expire soon (already extended) any thoughts?