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  1. FS-Rifle scopes. Gunsmith Torque wrench

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    I have 3 rifle scopes and one Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque wrench. 2-7x32 Scope Duplex reticle with scope rings. Remington 3-9x40 Scope Duplex reticle. BSA Edge 2-7x32 Pistol scope All scopes have been used and are in excellent condition. $40 OBO each for the scopes. $40 OBO for...
  2. AGI Gunsmithing and Gunsite/Tactical Response Training Videos - Burlington Cnty

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    Hi All- Just thought I'd put this out there for all my...
  3. Looking for gun rebuilder

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    A gentleman posted a few weeks ago that he wanted a project gun; any shotgun rusted, needed work. Or im looking for someone to refinish a gun for me. PM for details and to discuss price.