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  1. What is an AR-15 charging Handle?

    Long Rifles & Muzzleloaders
    The charging handle of an AR-15 is not used for chambering around alone. It is also a component that clears out the bullet. From either side, you can charge the AR15. That won’t be a hindrance at all for individuals who use the AR-15 as their primary weapon. What matters is the right level of...
  2. FS-SUPERB Walther P99 QA- $300

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    SUPERB Walther P99 QA .40S&W pistol with a nice bore and chamber, rarely fired. This pistol features striker-fired DA/SA operation, ambidextrous mag release, interchangeable backstraps, Inter-changeable front sights for elevation, and an adjustable rear sight for windage. Comes with 4, 10 round...
  3. Handgun Purchase Permit / FID Denial

    First off I just want to welcome myself; new on this site. I live in Burlington County and just applied for my FID and permit to purchase a handgun through the Red Lion State Police. Ive been an NJ resident for 14 years and I have no criminal history in my past whatsoever. I have however, seen...
  4. Hi Everyone.

    General Comments & Information
    I finally registered here now that I find myself shooting more. Tonight I even loaded my own first 50 reloads for the first time! It felt rather satisfying when I fired of a few of them knowing that I had assembled them. The reloading try came at the right time too as I used up my store bought...
  5. Guns for sale

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    SPRINGFIELD M1A condition 95% = $1800 o/bo FN FS 2000 condition 90%=2200 o/bo . POF stripped lower $500 FIRM...