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  1. With all this talk of icing your dear meat right away

    General Comments & Information
    Would there be cause for concern with sept goose season? If you're not limiting out quickly, do you worry about breasting your geese and getting them on ice?
  2. Going special winter canada this weekend in Southern Area

    I have some questions about the area and some specific WMA's. I don't know if anyone has hunted there or is planning on it. Unfortunately, I didn't scout (Tisk-tisk) due to time constraints and being new to the area. Long story short I need help! Any advice would be appreciated as long as...
  3. North Zone Goose Action

    North Zone
    Got out in the rain this afternoon. Saw several big flocks of geese. As the first one was coming in, the dog started to bark so they got spooked unfortunately. However, a little bit after, a second flock came into our decoys and we were able to get three.
  4. Goose and Pheasant Dinner

    Game Recipes
    Tonight for dinner I made grilled jalapeño pheasant poppers/kebobs and also grilled cajun goose (Medium-rare). Both turned out really well. The goose tasted like good lamb.
  5. Goose season, where are you?

    North Zone
    Anyone seeing any geese. It's been dead near me. When is the cold weather coming? What have you guys been seeing?
  6. WTB: Is anyone looking to sell Canada Goose decoys?

    Wanted to Buy
    Is anyone trying to sell their Canada Goose decoys? I would like 2-12 decoys in any condition. I can only pick them up in North Jersey. Please PM me.
  7. Wtb: duck and goose decoys

    Wanted to Buy
    want to get into goose and duck hunting and need decoys.
  8. Looking for Farmers in need for goose season.

    NewJerseyHunter Meet Up
    I have a group of three hunters looking for farmland to hunt on. We do morning, noon and, evening hunts. last couple of years it has been all drive by shoots. Farmer calls us up tells us that he has tons of birds in his fields that he scares off and 5 mins later they are back. We head down...