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  1. With all this talk of icing your dear meat right away

    General Comments & Information
    Would there be cause for concern with sept goose season? If you're not limiting out quickly, do you worry about breasting your geese and getting them on ice?
  2. Canada Geese

    South Zone
    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this board and a third year hunter. I become more and more addicted by the year. I have hunted deer and geese and may try turkey. I have scouted out a deer spot and currently am trying some deer management techniques-feeding/minerals and overall just learning...
  3. Attempt at assembling a Snow Day this weekend (5,6 Feb)

    South Zone
    I'm trying to put together a group hunt, seeing as you need about 2.5 million decoys to bring in the white devils, to increase odds of getting a limit. Right now its just me and a buddy and about 55 dekes hunting state land. Anybody who would like to join us on this adventure just let me know...
  4. Goose season, where are you?

    North Zone
    Anyone seeing any geese. It's been dead near me. When is the cold weather coming? What have you guys been seeing?
  5. Wtb: duck and goose decoys

    Wanted to Buy
    want to get into goose and duck hunting and need decoys.