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  1. Fishing
    I was just wondering if anybody guides ice fishing.
  2. Fishing
    Hello guys I was just curious if you guys had any spots to find snapping turtles or possibly a pond owner who wants the turtles off the property. Thanks
  3. Fishing
    Got out on the ice the past two days in Morris County to get some fishing in before I had to go back to school. Had better luck with the shiners on the tip-ups than the jigs. We had an even bigger pickerel break the line when we got it to the hole. But, between these two fish and the dozen...
  4. Fishing
    Hello guys, i have 50 subscribers but i have not made a video in around 6-8 months. my channel name is ( redneckoutdoorsman OR ).... so if you have any suggestions or want to subscribe or even see what i have on my channel currently...
  5. Fishing
    Title says most. Where are the catfish in ocean, burlington, and atlantic counties.
  6. Fishing
    Get A Free Lure From (100% Free | No Credit Card Required) Not sure if anyone here has had a chance to check out the Free Field Testing Kit but all US residents can sign up today and get at least 1 free lure in the kit. Just go here and apply for the kit...
  7. Fishing
    Fall is here and we all know that bass behavior is changing. So now more than ever, we need to have a variety of tools (hard baits, soft plastics, jigs, rigging, hooks, etc) in our tackle boxes in order to maximize our chances of catching that next trophy bass. Luckily for you, variety is what...
  8. General Comments & Information
    Super excited to be part of the New Jersey Hunter Forum. Looking forward to discussing fishing, hunting, and general outdoors with you all:bounce:
  9. Fishing
    Super excited to be part of the New Jersey Hunter Forum. Looking forward to discussing fishing, hunting, and general outdoors with you all.:bounce:
  10. Fishing
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone ever goes fishing on the fresh water of the mulica. Specificly for bass, pickerel, catfish, etc. Also is there any spots??? Please let me know thanks.
  11. Fishing
    hey guys I was wondering firstly WHO BUYS MULLET. next I was wondering where are they usually found (habitat, shallow or deep water, ETC.). how big do they get in nj (pictures if possible). where are they NOW? and lastly where do I get a license to cast net them. Thanks
  12. General Comments & Information
    Hi everyone, Randi here from stick figure productions, a non-fiction production company. Nice to (virtually) meet you! I am part of the development team here, and we are currently working on a new travel show centered around the world of hunting, fishing and trapping. We're looking to do our...
  13. Fishing
    Hello, my name is Liam. I am new to this site and the pines. I love the dirt roads in the pines but I also love fishing. is there any "dirt road fishing spots" you guys are willing to share with me? if so where are they located? thanks guys I would love to hear an answer to that.
  14. Classifieds (Free)
    WTS Berkley wooden commercial style rod racks. I have two of these: Construction-made of wood Weight-20lbs Holds 32 rods- 16 on each side 34"x12 One is put together (brand new out of box) The other one is still packed in box. The rod rack rack that is put together is $60 Picked up in...
  15. Fishing
    Recently got kicked out of Shadow Lake, a lake club in Franklin Lakes filled with bass, sunnies, and catfish[up] But since I'm no longer a member they've caught on to me and my friends coming[confusedagain]. Seeking a new fishing/boating spot in the area. Bunker Pond, Franklin Lakes Nature...
  16. General Comments & Information
    I am sure this is already discussed somewhere on this forum but..... When I used to live on a private lake, my buddy and I picked up a Pelican 11.5 foot bass boat and trailer NO PAPERS. Since I have moved, it has been sitting in his back yard. How would I go about making this thing legit...
  17. Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Somerset County (Hillsborough) and could use some advice on good locations to hunt and fish locally, whether it be private land where I ask for permission or public land that I'm not standing shoulder to shoulder with other hunters/fishermen. I hunt deer and turkey...
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    For Sale is a PWC Davits lift with a Jetski harness. This whole lift and motor is in 100% working condition and comes with all mounts and switches. Harness is for a PWC and in perfect condition. The reason for selling it is because my parents are getting their bulkhead replaced and are not...
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    2004 lowe's 15'10" camo jon boat with live well and bilge pump 2004 25 hp johnson electric start and electric tiller loadrite trailer w/bearing buddy hubs boat cover,inflatable vest, camo vest, cushion, river anchor,lake anchor and lines 72(6dozen) full body shell decoys for fields and camo bag...
  20. General Comments & Information
    I love this video!!! I'm Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley Video | Fishing Videos & Movies[rofl]