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  1. How To
    My team and I have been developing a hunting lifestyle brand, Boondocks Hunting, based mainly around the hunting and outdoor community within New Jersey. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be starting a podcast and can’t wait to share our project with the world. The Garden State...
  2. Fishing
    So i wanna get my dad a nice fishing pole for his birthday coming up and have no clue where to begin. He fishes in the Barnegat Bay and sometimes the ocean, mainly for fluke. We usually fish near the channel using weight to drag bottom. Need it to be in the 150$ price range, and must have a reel...
  3. Fishing
    While everyone's out there shed hunting, I couldnt pass up the opprotunity in this warm weather to rip some lips! Hooked into some pickerel and A CHUNK bass that inhaled a jig
  4. General Comments & Information
    Got out there the other day, as hunting is now here. Fishing will be alot less ,Ill be chasing a different type of tail and hunting for a big buck! But heres some footage from my last trip, Caught a bunch of bass in Northern NJ and was a good bite all around.
  5. Classifieds (Free)
    ​I am selling a 14' Radisson Canoe. This canoe is made of aluminum and is extremely light weighing only 41 pounds. It can easily be carried and paddled by one person. The paint is more of an outdoors/camo theme. The canoe has two oars with locks. This is great for hunting, fishing, kids, etc...
  6. Fishing
    Got to see sunrise for the first time since I shot my deer back in January, and we had a great morning fishing on the Vitamin Sea with Captain Frank. Six fishermen took home 6 monster stripers, and 4 big old blues with more releases of both. We did donate quite a few hooks to the blue fish, but...
  7. Fishing
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you still fish for snakeheads in South Jersey or know if they're still around in large numbers? I'm not asking for specific spots (unless you're offering!), but just trying to get a handle on whether or not there are still large populations of them in...
  8. Fishing
    I have a 32 center with outriggers enough r gas to go 100 miles and troll of 10 hours and all the electronics I need but I have no idea what to do and I don't have the tackle. I'm looking for a guy that knows what to do and has the gear.
  9. Fishing
    I need to know where I can fish. I'm looking for bass, trout and catfish. I will live near lake Mohawk.
  10. Fishing
    anyone going to be fishing in the open buddy bass tournament sunday? im a nonboater looking to join someone on there boat, if you know more about this event please reply lets chat, I needs some info on this.
  11. Fishing
    I am in the process of planning a trip to visit my buddy who lives in the Lake George area of New York. We were thinking about doing a camping/fishing trip in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area. I have done some research, and have found the names of several ponds within the wilderness area that...
  12. Fishing
    I live in waretown and I need a job, preferably on the water some how.. I am a passionate fisherman and i don't get sea sick.
  13. Fishing
    I'm watching filthy riches on national geographic and wondering where to dig bloodworms in nj.
  14. Fishing
    I was wondering where the good spots to fish are on this lake? My buddies and are planning on going for trout there in early May when we get out of college, so any information on the good spots or how to fish there would be much appreciated!
  15. Fishing
    title says all what should i use this summer for snappers. (Cut fish, guts, etc.) let me know.
  16. Fishing
    Title says all. I'm wondering when they will be eating my "baited hook"
  17. Fishing
    It is a real question... what do I do in the snow. I'm so bored!!!
  18. Fishing
    I got the opportunity to bring my car back to school with me, so I brought my ice fishing gear too. Unfortunately, I forgot my auger at home in North Jersey. Is anyone going Ice fishing this weekend in south Jersey (I go to school in Philly), and willing to let me come along. Like I mentioned, I...
  19. Fishing
    I was just wondering if anybody guides ice fishing.
  20. Fishing
    Hello guys I was just curious if you guys had any spots to find snapping turtles or possibly a pond owner who wants the turtles off the property. Thanks