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  1. Fishing
    How do you get back in the zone after not fishing for a few months? Do you practice your casts in the back yard or do you just jump right in and start going after the big ones?
  2. Fishing
    Scott Martin shares fishing tips on how to pick the right weight for your worms and other soft plastics. Do you do the same as Scott? Or do you have another way of doing things?
  3. Fishing
    Cool informative video on how to fish a deep diving crankbait in the winter and summer month. You always learn something new.
  4. Classifieds (Free)
    We all know holiday shopping can be huge pain in the you know what. So we just made it that much easier for you! Get a loved one (or yourself) a 6 month subscription to Lucky Tackle Box for just $125 and you’ll also get a Daiwa Lexa Rod in our Cyber Monday Rod Special! Cyber Monday Rod Special...
  5. Fishing
    Just some friendly instructions on how to tie a San Diego Jam Knot from our very own Zach Caudle. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Fishing
    How do you feel about Ultrapoint Hook Technology by Mustad? Do you know of any comparables?
  7. General Comments & Information
    Have you guys ever used puncture resistant insoles while Outdoors? I have never heard of this type of footwear product so I am curious to see if anyone in the forum has ever used them.
  8. Fishing
    Hey guys, Here is a cool article by Justin Hoffman talking about fishing for bass in the fall. Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree? Is there something else that we should know? Seasonal factors are the best indicators for narrowing down locational patterns in the game fish we...
  9. Fishing
    Get A Free Lure From (100% Free | No Credit Card Required) Not sure if anyone here has had a chance to check out the Free Field Testing Kit but all US residents can sign up today and get at least 1 free lure in the kit. Just go here and apply for the kit...
  10. General Comments & Information
    Super excited to be part of the New Jersey Hunter Forum. Looking forward to discussing fishing, hunting, and general outdoors with you all:bounce:
  11. Fishing
    Super excited to be part of the New Jersey Hunter Forum. Looking forward to discussing fishing, hunting, and general outdoors with you all.:bounce:
  12. General Comments & Information
    Deer eats live bird! Has anyone ever heard of this or seen this before? I have seen squirrels attack birds but never seen a deer hunt one. Deer Eats Live Bird | - Fishing Reports
  13. General Comments & Information
    Another classic Fishhound commerical that tells the tale of Jake and his new girlfriend Mindy who is always trying to spice up things up a bit. How Does He Do It?She put his fishing tackle where? No she didn't! | - Fishing Reports
  14. General Comments & Information
    Jesse's Hot Sauce Original 3X Reviews | Jesse's Hot Sauce Original 3X Details Ishmael's Special Blend Southern Style Barbeque HOT! Reviews | Ishmael's Special Blend Southern Style Barbeque HOT! Details Hot and Bothered Perky Jerky Beef Reviews | Hot and Bothered Perky Jerky Beef Details
  15. General Comments & Information
    Giraffe chases a Jeep -- "Jurassic Park" style. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on this dinosaur deja vu.Can we say Giraffic Park Video | Fishing Videos & Movies
  16. General Comments & Information
    I love this video!!! I'm Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley Video | Fishing Videos & Movies[rofl]
  17. General Comments & Information
    [rofl] Go to to check it out yourself. Make sure you use promo code: Bassr1 to get a $5 discount.
  18. Classifieds (Free)
    What is Fishound and why I enjoy it so much | - Fishing Reports This is a quick video for, explaning the ins and out of the service and some points on why I like it so much. If you like testing products and getting some quality gear, this is the place for you. Make...
  19. General Comments & Information
    Sherman Oaks, Calif., June 6, 2013 – Monster blues, oversized flatheads, lunker channels – they’re all out there waiting for you in the lakes and rivers on Fishhound’s “50 Best” list for catfish., one of the fastest growing membership-based websites and leading provider of...
  20. General Comments & Information
    Fishhound Commercial: Hot Girl vs. Fishing Lure Video | Fishing Videos & Movies What would you do if you where him?[lol]
1-20 of 20 Results