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  1. June 6th 1944 DDAY

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    Well my plans fell through. My grandpa who was in the DDay invasion on the dog green sector of Omaha Beach in the first wave was brought to the hospital last Tuesday. He is doing better and the moved him to the rehab facility but the special day we had planned cannot happen. We were going to...
  2. Memorial Day and What It Means

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    It's unfortunate that alot of the younger generations and even my generation, I'm 29, don't quite grasp the true meaning. I over heard some kids younger then me today say " three day weekend! Awesome, for memorial day, whatever that means". It truly disgusted me. Let's remember monday off...
  3. D-Day Memorial for my Grandpa. PICS

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    Here is my grandpa that everyone has been so generous and willing to help out with the M1. He gave me his dog tags about 6 years ago and i have worn one everyday since. When i think im having a bad day i reach for it and realize its not so bad after all and what my grandfather when through...