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  1. CABELAS VINDICATOR Cross Bow for sale

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    Mint Condition CABELAS VINDICATOR Cross Bow for sale: I have the Cabelas receipt from November 2014 @ $549.99 Mint Condition Used less than 10 times for Winter Bow Includes Broad heads Includes LUMA Bolts Includes loads of good Karma Barnett made, 350 fps, great reviews (Field and Stream...
  2. Crossbow broadheads

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    What kind of broadheads do you gentleman use? What are your like and dislikes about them? Trying to venture out from the muzzy heads but am getting so many mixed reviews.
  3. SA-Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow???

    Does anyone have experience with this crossbow (SA-Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow) and/or SA Sports in general? Any recommendations? Also, does anyone know if there is a mathematical formula to figure out kinetic energy if given other variables such as: FPS, Power stroke length, draw weight...
  4. Zero Creep Triggers for Crossbows

    Hello, We have introduced a zero-creep two-stage fine rifle trigger for crossbows. It is a substantial improvement, with a crisp 2.5lbs or 1.5lbs release. We have received great reviews from Crossbow Magazine, Horizontal Bow Hunter, Crossbow Connection and Bow International. These articles...