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  1. General Comments & Information
    just another monday evening in the woods of new jersey... [ninja]this one had some balls, scattered a group of does/fawns, comes back later to try hunting one he gets alone... surprised the coyote was out so early, was only like a half hour past last light
  2. Maps, Maps, and Maps
    Hey y'all, Seeing as deer season is winding down, I've been getting into coyote hunting to cure the itch until turkey and bass season haha. Me and a buddy of mine have been going out for a few weeks now with no dogs down yet but we have had answers to howling and the rabbit squealer, they just...
  3. Small Game Action
    Never hunted in manasquans wma but looking into giving it a try for fox at night. Anyone hunting it at night/had any luck? Probably going to give it a shot on the weekends after dark.
  4. Small Game Action
    It's almost January 1, and as most of you know, that means its time to hit the woods with a rifle, yes a rifle. I'm going to be using a 243 with 80 grain psp. I know this isn't practical for fox but its what I got and I'm gonna make it work. If you guys got any tips for other 243 ammo options...
1-4 of 4 Results