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  1. General Comments & Information
    Hi hunters, Finally get my summit climber. I live in Jersey city. Try to pick a frost to try my climber. But since the season has started. I don't want to ruin anyone's hunting. Thinking if I can practice climber in a non hunting area like south orange reservation. Will I get trouble by doing...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Hey all, i'm new to NJH. So, down to business.. I've got a couple of Viper SDs for sale. I only used them one time. I realized I personally just like hanging sets rather than doing the work when I get there. Both have stirrups and the leg rests. Asking $275 for each. If anyone is interested...
  3. Classifieds (Free)
    Selling a Field & Stream? Climber I picked up at Dicks. Used about 5 times after assembly, minor scuffs marks. $100 bucks Takes it!
  4. Classifieds (Free)
    Equalizer Magnum Climbing Tree Stand. Very heavy duty, no stupid belts to slip, full metal wrap around bars with edges to dig into the tree for grip. Wet or ice, pine or oak does not matter this stand will not slip. The down side is that others will know what tree you climbed though. Rated at...
  5. Classifieds (Free)
    Field and Stream climber for sale. Used twice, very comfortable. Have two other climbers and this is taking space up in garage. $125.00. Located in northern Sussex county. Will post pics if any interest. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results