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  1. Classifieds (Free)
    I have 2 aluminum gun cases that are collecting dust. Case 1 53" long 13" tall 6" deep 4 clasps 2 locking Case 2 63" long 13" tall 6" deep 5 clasps 2 locking I have brand new closed and open cell foam to customize the insides of these cases to your weapons... Best...
  2. Classifieds (Free)
    I'm selling this Flambeau bow case since it's too big to be practical for the youth-sized bow I have. This case is in good condition and has 2 adjustable velcro traps which can be re-positioned to hold down your bow. The top inside section can hold up to 24 arrows. The outside has 2 broadhead...
  3. Handguns
    (Disclaimer: No guns were hurt or modified in the making of this post.) [hihi] So, my bestfriend of the past 13+ years just graduated med school and I had know idea what to get him. He's a tough guy to shop for, if he wants something he works for it and buys it, he would never tell you what he...
1-3 of 3 Results