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  1. Fishing
    Catching Carp on The Fly, Awesome Challenge & Fight, Give it a shot if you want to challenge yourself as a fishermen.
  2. Bowfishing
    Hello, My 10 year old son picked up archery this winter so I decided to combine my favorite sport with his new hobby and bought myself a PSE Discovery with AMS setup. I'm in OldBridge/Spotswood/Monroe/Brunswicks area and I'm having trouble locating a spot to bowfish for carp from shore (I do...
  3. Fishing
    Catching a lot of carp on the flyrod, doing good with the brown woolly bugger, pheasant tail nymphs with a little gold bead at the head, and many trout nymphs. Check out some other of my videos of Carp on the fly.
  4. Fishing
    Any good carp fishing spots in or around North NJ? Hello everyone, does anyone know of any good carp fishing spots in North NJ? I was an angler for a long time in the UK, and moved to the Bergen County around 6 years ago. I really miss carp fishing, and see that there is a growing population of...
1-5 of 5 Results