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    9 MM Re-loaders: I have several 9MM (.355) Diameter) - 147 GR FMJ Zero brand bullets available in factory sealed boxes of 500 Brand: Zero Manufacturers Code: R152 Price per 500: $55 This is a bullet, not to be confused with a cartridge - therefore I am not selling live ammo :) Located in 08731
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    Reloading bullets for sale. ---2 boxes 150 gr barnes ttsx .308. $32/box -------------3 boxes 130 gr speer btsp .277. $27/box.--------3 full boxes and one box of 94, 180 gr Hornady SST .308. $27/box, $25 for the partial box. Priced to sell. Live in Whippany, NJ. PM me.
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    Have 2 boxes of barnes ttsx 150 grain boat tail 50bullets per box. and 3 boxes of 180 grain hornady SST 100bullets/box. $30/box for either. PM me. Thanks.
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    600 Hornady Interlock 165 grain, and 200 Hornady 165 SSTs for sale. 1 Pound Superformance and about 7.5 pounds of Vihtavouri N160 powder (used enough to load 50 300 win mag shells, little hot in my rifle). $175 for the Vihtavouri, $25/100 for Interlocks. $28/100 for...
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    800 plus Hornady Interlock 165 grain, and 400+ Hornady 165 SSTs for sale. 2 pounds of IMR 4895, 1 pound Varget, 1 Pound Superformance, and 1+ pounds Benchmark. $25/100 for Interlocks. $28/100 for SSTs. $25/pound for the powder. This is cheaper than you will find in any store especially when...
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    I have 8 boxes of Hornady .308 165gr Interlock reloading bullets. 100 per box. Brand new, never opened. Just don't have as much time to reload as I would like. Just looking to get what I paid for them. $26/box. Located in 07885. PM me if interested. Not interested in any trades. Thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results