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  1. His Biggest Buck!

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    So I put together a little video from the footage I took off my phone Of a Good Buddies 4th Deer ever and biggest buck. Scored 132" 10Pt, Main Frame 9 with a Kicker at his base. This is definetly one of his proudest moments, unfortunately I was not with him to film his hunt. I got his phone call...
  2. 7 or 8 Point Deer I'm Not Allowed to Hunt...

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    Standing in my garage I look out the door to see a nice sized buck staring at me. I looked up a few pictures for reference and he was between 7 and 8 points. He ran when i walked closer for a picture but damn would he have made a great first buck! There's about 8 does that live in my yard so I'm...
  3. Whitetail Buck Sleeps in the Snow!

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    Snuck up on a group of bucks bedding, caught this one trying to snooze!
  4. Monster NJ 6pt

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  5. NJ Buck Makes Scrape

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    NJ Buck Makes Scrape
  6. New buck to cam. Guess the age? [video]

    Deer Zone 23
    I'm guessing this guy is 2 years old and def has potential to be a nice buck in the next year with the way that rack looks. Anyone else have a guess?
  7. Big NJ Buck Kill

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  8. 2014 Hunting Season

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    2014 hunting season for ultimate nj outdoorsmen crew.Check it out and like and subscribe.
  9. Buckeyes11 wont like this pic but.....This is one happy father and son hunting team.

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    Youth hunter Tommy puts an arrow in his first Catskills NY Buck. Happy Pop and Son! Congrats! Yup, That's our lure!
  10. Couple bucks in the back yard.

    Deer Zone 25
  11. Mock scrape bringing em in

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    I left my cam in the woods for a week and the night it was left out it stormed and a branch fell and blocked my view so I came back to 500 pictures or more of a leaf..... I set it back up, set up a mock scrape..and starting that evening I had these boys come through.. can anyone guess the...
  12. Buck rescued in Cherry Hill

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    Poor guy was probably just trying to get some you know what. EARLIER TODAY - ANIMAL RESCUE Earlier today, B-Group Firefighters from Squrt 41, Rescue 13, and Battalion 13 (McGeady), along with the Cherry Hill Police, were dispatched to Ashford Road for an usual incident. A deer was wedged...
  13. My First Antlered Buck!!! and with a BOW!

    Deer Zone 10
    So….I had class in the am but I had off of work for the holiday so I went hunting of course. I got into the stand around 3:45ish. I was kind of feeling that because of the cloudy day I wasn't going to see anything but surely enough I was dead wrong. While I was texting an old buddy of mine from...
  14. Zone 3 - new 8ptr on cam

    Deer Zone 3
    So this is my first year bow hunting and I am having a blast with the cam, setting up my spot in the woods, and just being up in the stand. I've sat out twice this season so far. Had a old girl (skinny and injured) and a young girl (yearling) come in the first night sitting out, the shakes are...
  15. Z19 questions and pics

    Deer Zone 19
    This is only my second season hunting and first time hunting Z19. I found what i believe is a decent spot but I'm having one issue.. There has only been bucks! 3 different ones actually. I attached pictures. The one only came around during the day 1 time.. the other 2 are 1130pm-4am... Is this...
  16. Mule Deer for your "Game Room"

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    I did not fire a single bullet to get this Big Mule Deer Buck. I hand crafted it from a solid piece of tree wood from Massachusetts and it is life size to a 14 point 400 lbs buck... I am selling it for $350.00 and shipping is a little extra depending on your location.
  17. Best Christmas Gift I have EVER Received!!! PICS!!!

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    My neighbor who is younger then me and still in college got home a few days ago for break, I know he's very artistic so I have been asking him for a while to draw me a pic of one of my deer. He was always hesitant because he never really drew animals. Last night we had a party and came over with...
  18. New Spot.

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    i just got permission to hunt a huge farm. I want to hunt it by Friday. I'm going to set up a blind on the side of a corn field facing the field and drop some corn or sugar beets or apples. Will this be enough time (2 days) or should i juts forget it and wait till winter bow to hunt the place.
  19. Help?

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    IM 16 uyears old and am hunting by my self this year for shot gun. In area 55 can i shoot a doe during 6 day? Do i need a special permit?
  20. Some late night activity caught on my Moultrie D5

    Deer Zone 23
    Here are a couple bucks I caught on my cam late at night. Absolutely no activity from 9am-5pm. Everything seems to be early morning (no big bucks) and late at night. What's up with this Rut??I'm a new hunter, any opinions on these guys?