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  1. General Comments & Information
    So I put together a little video from the footage I took off my phone Of a Good Buddies 4th Deer ever and biggest buck. Scored 132" 10Pt, Main Frame 9 with a Kicker at his base. This is definetly one of his proudest moments, unfortunately I was not with him to film his hunt. I got his phone call...
  2. General Comments & Information
    Standing in my garage I look out the door to see a nice sized buck staring at me. I looked up a few pictures for reference and he was between 7 and 8 points. He ran when i walked closer for a picture but damn would he have made a great first buck! There's about 8 does that live in my yard so I'm...
  3. General Comments & Information
    Snuck up on a group of bucks bedding, caught this one trying to snooze!
  4. General Comments & Information
    NJ Buck Makes Scrape
  5. Deer Zone 23
    I'm guessing this guy is 2 years old and def has potential to be a nice buck in the next year with the way that rack looks. Anyone else have a guess?
  6. General Comments & Information
    Like The Vid, and Subscribe to Us on Youtube!!!
  7. General Comments & Information
    2014 hunting season for ultimate nj outdoorsmen crew.Check it out and like and subscribe.
  8. General Comments & Information
    Youth hunter Tommy puts an arrow in his first Catskills NY Buck. Happy Pop and Son! Congrats! Yup, That's our lure!
  9. General Comments & Information
    I left my cam in the woods for a week and the night it was left out it stormed and a branch fell and blocked my view so I came back to 500 pictures or more of a leaf..... I set it back up, set up a mock scrape..and starting that evening I had these boys come through.. can anyone guess the...
  10. General Comments & Information
    Poor guy was probably just trying to get some you know what. EARLIER TODAY - ANIMAL RESCUE Earlier today, B-Group Firefighters from Squrt 41, Rescue 13, and Battalion 13 (McGeady), along with the Cherry Hill Police, were dispatched to Ashford Road for an usual incident. A deer was wedged...
  11. Deer Zone 10
    So….I had class in the am but I had off of work for the holiday so I went hunting of course. I got into the stand around 3:45ish. I was kind of feeling that because of the cloudy day I wasn't going to see anything but surely enough I was dead wrong. While I was texting an old buddy of mine from...
  12. Deer Zone 3
    So this is my first year bow hunting and I am having a blast with the cam, setting up my spot in the woods, and just being up in the stand. I've sat out twice this season so far. Had a old girl (skinny and injured) and a young girl (yearling) come in the first night sitting out, the shakes are...
  13. Deer Zone 19
    This is only my second season hunting and first time hunting Z19. I found what i believe is a decent spot but I'm having one issue.. There has only been bucks! 3 different ones actually. I attached pictures. The one only came around during the day 1 time.. the other 2 are 1130pm-4am... Is this...
  14. Classifieds (Free)
    I did not fire a single bullet to get this Big Mule Deer Buck. I hand crafted it from a solid piece of tree wood from Massachusetts and it is life size to a 14 point 400 lbs buck... I am selling it for $350.00 and shipping is a little extra depending on your location.
  15. General Comments & Information
    My neighbor who is younger then me and still in college got home a few days ago for break, I know he's very artistic so I have been asking him for a while to draw me a pic of one of my deer. He was always hesitant because he never really drew animals. Last night we had a party and came over with...
  16. General Comments & Information
    i just got permission to hunt a huge farm. I want to hunt it by Friday. I'm going to set up a blind on the side of a corn field facing the field and drop some corn or sugar beets or apples. Will this be enough time (2 days) or should i juts forget it and wait till winter bow to hunt the place.
  17. General Comments & Information
    IM 16 uyears old and am hunting by my self this year for shot gun. In area 55 can i shoot a doe during 6 day? Do i need a special permit?
  18. Deer Zone 23
    Here are a couple bucks I caught on my cam late at night. Absolutely no activity from 9am-5pm. Everything seems to be early morning (no big bucks) and late at night. What's up with this Rut??I'm a new hunter, any opinions on these guys?
1-20 of 22 Results