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  1. Best Rangefinder for hunting purpose?

    Long Rifles & Muzzleloaders
    Hi! I have checked many latest rangefinders and want to buy best one, someone suggest me Nikon brand, i check in blog where different kinds of rangefinders but i am still confused which one best for me? any body have experience with anyone?
  2. Looking For Central NJ Land

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Looking for some land, big or small, in Central NJ (somerset county) area for bow seasons and small game. Willing to pay and travel. PM if any leads, very much appreciated!
  3. Looking for a club or land to hunt in Jackson

    Hunting Clubs & Land Leases
    Looking for private land to hunt or a club to join in or near Jackson for deer hunting. Pm me please
  4. What did you guys do when you first time using tree stand(climber)?

    General Comments & Information
    Hi All, Finally I got my hunter course done and persuade my GF hunting is not just killing(Whofff....). And start preparing for fall bow season. Question comes. I do not have any friend who has lots of hunting experience. And I don't even see tree stand before I tried to buy one. (The model I...
  5. Big NJ Bucks

    General Comments & Information
    Big NJ Bucks We've had over the years.
  6. Deer Drive Harvest

    General Comments & Information
    Deer drive kill in nj zone 36. Reason im holding Signal 11 Lures In the picture is because, earlier in the day we got a pic of this deer on trail cam hitting a scrape with the lure in it which led to us pushing it out.
  7. Whitetail Buck Sleeps in the Snow!

    General Comments & Information
    Snuck up on a group of bucks bedding, caught this one trying to snooze!
  8. Monster NJ 6pt

    General Comments & Information