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  1. His Biggest Buck!

    General Comments & Information
    So I put together a little video from the footage I took off my phone Of a Good Buddies 4th Deer ever and biggest buck. Scored 132" 10Pt, Main Frame 9 with a Kicker at his base. This is definetly one of his proudest moments, unfortunately I was not with him to film his hunt. I got his phone call...
  2. Gentle hound dog for adoption

    Classifieds - Non Hunting/Fishing
    Gentle, Smart Hound Dog for Adoption Berkley is a VERY nice, gentle dog. He’s smart too. He is about 45 pounds, approx. 2-4 years old and very easy to handle. He is quite the handsome gent with his speckled legs and soulful eyes. Berkley has been passed over only because he is big. He would...